This would take 100 years (or 7 days)

Hi Friend,

What do the following guitarists have in common:

Alex Lifeson
Andy Summers
Brian May
David Gilmour
Eddie Van Halen
Eric Clapton
Eric Johnson
George Lynch
James Hetfield
Jimi Hendrix
Jimmy Page
Joe Satriani
John Fogerty
John Frusciante
Keith Richards
Mark Knopfler
Neal Schon
Pete Townshend
Richie Sambora
Ritchie Blackmore
Rory Gallagher
Steve Lukather
Steve Vai



I’m going to cover ALL of them in
Chord Mastery 3.0 (which you can get for $1
this Thursday)

Yes, I realize that trying to teach all
of their styles is a massive undertaking.

My buddy Jimmy Dillon (creator of the new
Rockin the Bluex Deluxe) took a look at
all the comments on the blog about
learning the styles of the masters and
told me:

“To truly teach what is asked here would take about 100 years
and a group of very experienced and studied teachers.”

That might be true, and each ONE of these guitar masters
could have an entire course devoted to them…

But in Chord Mastery 3.0, I’m going to attempt to teach you
a little something about all of their chordal styles.

And I’m trying to film (and edit) it all in a week.
No wonder I’m stressed, lol…

I’m going to attempt to distill the quintessense of
each guitarist — or at the very least, give you at
least 1 or 2 cool tricks from each one.

Heck, if you learn even one cool thing from this course,
won’t that easily be worth the $1?

Yes, it will! 🙂

So , to break down again what you get:

1. 25 video lessons with tabs covering 25 guitar masters.
2. 10 bonus lesson with the “Yoda” of guitar playing.
3. 30 minutes of strumming lessons with yours truly
4. 3 of my chord mastery ebooks (over 100 pages of great stuff)
5. a 30 minute bonus course with Virtuwul
6. a 30 minute bonus course with Jimmy Dillon
7. a free 30 day pass to the Guitar God Club…

and again, its just a $1.

It’s available on Thursday.


Claude Johnson

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