True Guitar God Playing (video)

Hey Friend,

How’s it going.

I don’t know if you got
a chance to read the first
couple emails I sent
about Sol Philcox.

But this kid is a guitar genius.

Fortunately, I was able to
get him to fly to Pennsvylania
where we filmed hours and hours
of amazing chicken picken
guitar lessons.

Here, check this youtube of
him just playing… It’s
true guitar godness!

We’re actually mostly done the
video editing and Sol is working
on creating the tabs for
the hundreds of examples.

It’s gonna be called
“Wicked Chicken Picken Chops”.

You’ll hear more about it
over the next few weeks.

Again here’s the link:

By the way, after you’re done
watching the video, go check

There, I give you 6 keys to
mastering guitar scales
and 3 big mistakes to avoid.

I think you’ll dig it.

That’s it for now, more
awesome stuff coming soon.

Claude Johnson

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