Your Chance To Win 3 Big Ways + Stacking The Groovy

Hey Friend,

Tomorrow is the BIG J-DAY. Yup — Real Easy Jazz
is finally being released and I’m extremely excited
to get this groovy course in your hands!

Here’s the dealio:

The doors open at noon eastern time…
That’s 11 am central
10 am mountain time
9 am pacific time

Just go here and look at the “countdown clock”:

If you order the first 15 minutes, you’ll automatically be
entered for the Artcore Ibanez Jazz guitar!

Here’s some more hot bonuses:

The first 10 guys who order will receive
“Essentials Of Jazz: The Bluesy-Jazz Montgomery Secrets”
3 DVD Set!

And I’m going to “stack the groovy”.

Here’s what you’re going to get:

The 3 DVD Real Easy Jazz Set
The 366 page “The Black Book Of Jazz Secrets” aka.
“Former Illegal Cryptic Book Of Jazz Standards”.
Full Backing Tracks for 10 jazz standards…
Full Tabs for 10 songs!

The book alone is worth a SOLID $40…

This is a BIG PACKAGE — best of all:
Clay Moore makes it easy to digest and fun to learn!

If you’ve EVER wanted to learn how to play jazz…
This is for you!

If you’ve EVER wanted to take your jazz playing to
another level THIS IS FOR YOU!

Also those who order in the next few days will get:
FREE SHIPPING! That’s going to cost me a pretty penny
because of the size of the package.

Also for a very limited time — you can get 3 more Clay Moore
DVDs for just $50! They are called 101 Groovy Jazz Licks
and they’re hot! It’s really “plug-and-play” licks that
will add super groovy licks to your repertoire instantly!
These will be sold for $97 after the launch is over.

So do yourself a favor — bookmark this page:
And put an alarm on so you don’t forget…

Make sure to refresh the page when the timer runs down
to ZERO. (Which will happen at noon)

I always get emails from guys who missed out and are kicking
themselves in the rump for it.

I’m REALLY excited to get an email from you about
the course… I think it’s going to change your guitar
destiny forever!

Stay groovy,
Claude “Jazz-Son” Johnson

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