How to Play Bad Motor Scooter by Montrose on Guitar

Hey, how’s it going this is Robert Baker with Guitar Control, we’re here to learn “Bad Motor Scooter” by Montrose his debut album such a good CD, I mean I’ve got Sammy Hagar on vocals and Montrose of course so much awesome stuff going on in that one and this is a very simple song extremely simple we’re not going to do the whammy bar like crazy dive parts because as far as the riffs goes it’s very easy and a great song for a beginner to really get rockin, it’s a really inspiring song to learn so let’s go ahead and jump into this one.


So after you have that crazy Intro with all the land works stuff going on you go into AC add 9 chord if you don’t have to play that don’t worry we got it up on the screen for it and it’s right here your middle finger and playing the 3rd fret on the A-string take your pointer finger and play 2nd fret on the D, the G is left open and your ring finger is on 3rd fret of the B and your pinky finger is on 3rd fret high, real easy song and using so many so many classic songs.

So that’s just a C add 9 chord like the rock version look that one ring out they’re going to go into this one so we’re just going to this basically a d5 now there’s a few pointers here to do this one I use my pointer finger on the 5th fret of the A-string and then I like to use my middle finger on 7th fret so it’s kind of a stretch but it makes this next part a little bit easier you take your pinky and you hold down 9 on the D then you go to D especially the same thing two times in a row but for me if I use my ring finger it makes that stretch really tough see how I can’t have two like it actually hurt my wrist rather than doing that so this way it makes it much easier and it’s definitely a good challenge kind of jumping back and forth between that main chord so that’s that part so if you have trouble with that you know just that there may be just doing the cord and going to the power you know you know just count like break it apart into smaller sections and then build yourself into the full riff because like I said it can be a little bit intimidating sometimes going through this stuff.

The main chorus part is really simple, now I would like to point out that there are a lot of overdubs happening in this song so there’s kind of that whammy bar effect that they’re doing on a lot of stuff and we’re just focusing on one guitar so there could be three or four who knows how many tracks they have but we’re just focusing on one main guitar so you’ll be doing an F f5 or was this a power chord same thing the name of a power chord and we’re going to play the 1st fret on the low E-string and 3rd fret on the A and strum that one out simply move up two frets to 3rd fret on the low E-string 5th fret on the A. I’m doing G5 here to a D5 which would be 5th fret on the A and 7D and goes right back into. So the only other rift that’s really happening in the song is this one, it goes back to that see at 9:00 okay now if you’re going to put your D major chord it’s simply open D 2nd fret on the G 2nd fret on the high E and 3rd fret on the B, so you just go back to it C9, now if you dug this lesson and you want to learn all kinds of other stuff more in-depth you know closer look at songs then you would love our ultimate song collection we really walk you through everything you have your chord charts tablature strumming patterns close-ups all the stuff you need to know to learn an entire song all their fingertips 150 of them likes the make and click on the screen and go check it out if you’re on your phone don’t worry the second link in the description will get you there as well get the little I card up here annotation. Make sure to subscribe on our You Tube Channel and we’ll see you in our next video lessons, thanks for watching.

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