How to Play Iron Man Guitar Riff Lesson

In this free lesson from, Stephanie Pickard teaches How to Play Iron Man Guitar Riff Lesson. Black Sabbath are the Godfathers of metal and this is a must know riff for any serious guitarist.

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Hi this is Stephanie Pickard from Guitar Control and today we are going over the main riffs for Black Sabbath’s Ironman. As always they’ll be tabs below to help you follow along and if you haven’t already, please subscribe to our YouTube channel and then push the bell below to subscribe to our notification to get sent a notification straight to your phone or computer when we have a new video up. Lets go over How to Play Iron Man Guitar Riff Lesson.

Intro Riff

Alright let’s get started. The way this song starts out is pretty interesting and it’s also pretty fun because you’ve probably never done this before. So they’re going to pick an open six string and we’re going to bend it, but not in the way you would think they would bend it. You’re going to bend the string down behind the nut; the nut is this piece of plastic that’s holding all the strings in place. So they’re not bending a fret they’re actually just bending the string down behind the nut. So open, it’s really, really spacey sounding, that’s what we want to go for is this very dramatic. So we’re going to do this three times. We start on the first beat of the first measure and then holdout for two measures like this.

Main Riff

Then we go straight into our main riff. So you can play that B on either the second fret of the A string or I prefer to on the sixth string, just because it sounds fuller. The hardest part for you might actually be that half-step going back and forth and back and forth so just practicing that is good for you too.

All right I hope you enjoy today’s How to Play Iron Man Guitar Riff Lesson. Thank you so much for watching. Remember there are tabs to help you follow along. If you haven’t already please subscribe to our YouTube channel and click that bell. Also leave us comments and let us know what you liked about this lesson and what other songs you would like us to do. Be sure to check out our website and stay tuned for more videos soon.

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