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Would you like to disapear , then reappear with any essense you choose? Yes, you can reinvent yourself anytime you want, especially on the guitar. Check out today’s sample clip from “Rock Riffs Made Simple”. It’s a song called invisible and there’s a cool lesson at the end about playing tight and clean.

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Here’s another killer track from the Dril album that Virtuwul will include as part of Rock Riffs Made Simple. This one is called “Download”. There’s a lot of cool, unusual rock sounds and techniques that Virtuwul is ready to teach you. Press Play: [audio:] Or Click Here to Download the MP3 Get the course that …


Hey Guitarists! 🙂 Whaddup. Ok, we’re back to Rock Riffs Made Simple. This course will be available in a few short weeks. Just ONE of the parts of the course will include Virtuwul teaching all the songs from the Dril Album called “Mythconception”. There’s a lot of really fun songs to listen to and play. …