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Welcome back! Today I wanna spend some time and give you some great slide guitar tips.
Slide is such a versatile technique, I mean it can be used with single notes, chords, tapping,
sweep picking, everywhere. You can use it with any genre you want and it’s gonna sound
awesome; Blues players use it, metal players, I mean it’s just a great technique. To start off, I
wanna show you an example that uses the slide technique:


The idea is to pick the first of the 2 notes within a slide symbol and then slide your finger
towards the next note. Another way to this would be to pick the 5, 7, 5, 7 and then again pick the
7 and slide very fast to the 9th fret.

Here’s another example:


It’s basically an A minor pentatonic scale. The same concept applies here, just pick the first note
in between a slide symbol, and slide it up or down to the next note.

Now, one really cool way to use slide is with chords. It’s going to be a bit more complicated as it
involves more than finger, which means you are going to have to coordinate them both with the


But as you can see the result is super cool! You can use it with any chord progression, in fact
it’s a very common thing to do in Funk music.

Funk guitar players are always slides chords. And last but not least, tapping and slide! This is technique is used a lot by shredders; it just sounds so cool. The idea is very simple; tap a note with your right hand and, without releasing your finger, slide towards a note and then back. I usually prefer to use my middle finger for this type of slide, as it feels more natural to me. Here’s an example:


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