Special Gift For You

Watch this short video then click on the link below.


Hey, guys. It’s Claude Johnson and I’m very excited
today about these Knowledge of Music, chromatic music
tone playing cards. We just received a carton of these
as promotional items, so they’re actually free until
we run out.

Here’s the really cool thing. You can learn all these
notes, like all the degrees of a chord or the scale
without boring memorization. This makes it fun. It comes
with this neat little booklet here describing a bunch
of games that you can play with these cards. There’s
like three or four games you can play by yourself and
three or four that you can play with your friends.

So just head over to guitarcontrol.com/cards and grab
your deck right now while we still have some. It’s my
special gift to you for being on my email list, being
on my YouTube channel.

All right, guys. Have an awesome day.
Talk to you next time. Keep rockin’ that guitar.

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