How to Get a Good Acoustic Guitar for Beginners

It’s CMC here-and you’re here ‘cause you want to get one of
those bizarre wooden things shaped like a woman’s body and
you want to make it sing, huh? Well, maybe not “sing” per se
but you want to make some nice sounding noises to come out of
her, well, it. Well, you’ve come to the right place. You’ve
stumbled upon one of the best online sources and one of the
best guitarists (I wish) of our time and we’re here to serve
you. You need some tips fto learn acoustic guitar for
beginners? You got it!

Acoustic guitar: think Coffee House, Dylan, Joan Baez. Or
think modern day-Jane’s Addiction on up to Hip Hop samples.
Or go way back to the Troubador’s in the Renaissance.
Humanity has enjoyed a great romance with this instrument for
centuries. And no wonder-there’s nothing like it!


My advice: find a good one. Find a really good acoustic
guitar. Everyone might not agree with me on this but I think
finding the right acoustic is even more important than
finding the right electricity. Why is that, you ask?

Well, that’s because I find alot more diversity in quality
when it comes to acoustic. When they are cheapo-bad
quality,they are REALLY bad. Like way worse than the worst
cheapo-bad electric. And when they are good-really good, they
are exquisite. Maybe acoustic guitars are more like wine.
Maybe it’s the chamber, the design-I’m really not sure. Maybe
there is more room for error in the craftsmanship-or
excellence. I’m not a pro at these things. All I can do is
speak from experience. This is what I’ve seen and I think it
rings true.

SO, you might get lucky and just hit upon the right one-the
perfect fit, a friend for life! Or it might take days-or
weeks-or years of searching Craigslist…to find a fit. But
find you must. There’s nothing worse than a guitar that is
uncomfortable or that constantly goes out of tune..or that is
impossible to play. Don’t do it! You might be the next
Segovia…or Eddie Van Halen but if the guitar stinks, you’ll
quit…and we can’t have that! The world needs you.

Here´s another cool ACOUSTIC GUITAR LESSON

So…more on this another day. Get the right guitar. Make the
main thing the main thing…you’ll be glad you did!

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