Helpful Guitar Notes for Beginners


OK. CMC, here. So you’re ready to start now, huh? Think
you’ve got what it takes? Or maybe just curious? No worries,
here are a few tips from an old wanna-be rock-star master

And in that you can see again (if you read my first article)
what is a crucial aspect of beginning guitar: try to get a
grip or a grasp (after all , that’s STEP ONE, right?) -on
more than the neck. Get a grip on what the heck you are doing
here and by “here” I mean reading this and doing that learning
to play the worlds most beloved musical instrument,
the “guitar.” Again, not to sounds repetitious (well,
repetition is kind of what all modern music is all about.) If
possible, try to make an honest assessment of where, exactly
you are at: are you just here to “explore” or are you ready
to make this thing a life long passion. Once you have that
figured out, you can then go on to make some more decisions
but above all, don’t be sloppy. Sloppy playing is not cool
(unless you want to be a punk rocker) and so is sloppy
thinking. Be clear in your playing and be clear in your

First of all, you may want to check this


1. Figure out a budget. Are you broke, busted and disgusted?
A “starving artist” ? Or are you a professional with a good
income who wants to explore a creative passion or start a
hobby? It’s imperative that you start by being conscious of
the money factor. Nothing in life is free. Again: NOTHING IN
LIFE IS FREE. STOP! Don’t think that bumming your room mates
guitar all the time is cool. Don’t think that constantly
asking for free “tips” from your rad guitarist friend is OK.
People are nice (well, some of ‘em anyway) but don’t take
advantage of that…LEARN TO PAY FOR STUFF. I know, I know, –
Us creative types don’t seem to get this. We aren’t bankers,
we are lovers with a passion for sound and fury but you know
what? We need to learn more than guitar-we need to learn how
to make our passion sustainable. SO- do you have $50, $500 or
perhaps if you are a lawyer with money to burn or a kid with
two lawyer parents, you have unlimited resources…regardless,
come up with a figure you are going to spend on this new passion.
Set it aside, then-spend. Get the right instrument. Find the
right teacher. Buy the right music (that’s right PAY for your
music!)to inspire you.

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2. Don’t be discouraged. It’s not easy. Guitar is hard. Your
fingers will hurt (if you really practice alot as you should)
But guess what, you will develop this thing called
callus’s.” Your skin will change; it wont hurt anymore. Your
body will adapt (it’s good at that.) But you also need to
develop “mental callus’s” -you need to fight through the
disappointment, fight through the extreme boredom of
practicing, of running scales or twisting your fingers into
odd alignments we call “chords.” None of this is “fun.” But
eventually, the “fun” comes. Trust me- it’s worth it!

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