How to Play Barre and Power Chords on Electric Guitar

The electric guitar is a staple for modern rock bands. We’ve all had that dream ourselves: becoming a famous rocker that can sent a shockwave through millions of people as they line up just to hear you play. However, like playing any other instrument, becoming renowned takes a lot of hard work. There are many techniques and tricks that will definitely enhance your playing, but there are two that are crucial types of chords that any self-respecting electric guitarist should know: barre chords and power chords. Barre-chord.jpg Barre chords are the first thing to know. They are formed by having your first finger act like a capo and press on all strings of the same fret. It will definitely take a while for your finger to get used to that, but if you learn how to play these chords, you will open your repertoire to play all kinds of different things. If you look above, you see that D minor, E minor, and B minor all have the same formation. To play them, all you have to do is simply slide your fingers down the fretboard. Powerchords.jpg Power chords are like an electric guitarist’s bread and butter. They make that rock sound we’re all so familiar with, and are the first building block to all other rock music you’ll learn. Most people, unfortunately, are so in love with being able to sound like a rocker, that they skip all of the other lessons in playing their instrument just to get to the power chords. To be honest with you, before you begin juggling power chords, it’s better to have a knowledge of other chords (especially those barre chords I already showed you) first. That way you’re already knowledgeable in the progression of playing these chords. Just, for the sake of everybody’s hearing, always make sure your guitar is in tune before you play them. Check out this guitar lesson on POWER CHORDS Make sure to check out our video lessons if you want to learn more about the electric guitar, but never forget to keep practicing. Rock on! If you want to learn more guitar basics on chords, chord progressions and songs, please check out this course: ULTIMATE BEGINNER GUITAR COURSE

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