How To Play Clocks By Coldplay – Made Easy On Guitar

Hey friends! Here´s a cool guitar lesson for beginners on How To Play Clocks By Coldplay On Guitar. With only three chords this is an easy and quick tune to pickup. This song is actually originally played on the piano, but Claude has transposed it to guitar. Enjoy!

Clocks Coldplay


Hey guys Claude Johnson here from Guitar Control. So we’re going to do an easy beginner lesson for you guys. Today we’re going to look at some chords from Coldplay, great band, a lot of great songs, so let’s take the song clocks which is one of the most famous toons. I have a really important message for the beginners out there so you know we turn on the song the first thing you’re going to hear is a piano riff it kind of sounded something like this. Alright so well number one you know just because it’s on the piano doesn’t mean you can’t translate it over the guitar, in fact almost all songs you can create a pretty believable arrangement just with your guitar. Now I can get into a whole lecture about the art of arranging and all that stuff basically it means coming up with something you know version of the song now whether you’re playing with a band or playing like solo acoustic guitar by yourself that’s going to influence an effect like what arrangement is more appropriate. Okay so but that’s not even one I want to talk about today. What I want to talk about is you can just totally ignore all that fancy, you know single note stuff. Okay you know I could go into a lesson about how I’m doing that with my right hand and but I’m not even going to do that, you know there’s other lessons that I have on fingerpicking all this stuff we’re justgoing to stick to basic chords so the moral of the story I’m a little long-winded here but you can just play this on with just strumming the basic chords.

Clocks Chords

So if we take away all the fluff in the mystery and the fanciness you’re left with basically an E major chord a B minor 7 chord another B minor 7 chord for the third bar and then F sharp minor all right. So if you’re not up to speed on these basic chords like how to play a barre chord go check out my beginner guitar course. It’s going to save you just a ton of time. Good guitar control calm / beginner, I really think you’re going to love it.


Alright so you can see how that all just comes together sounds like a real song and you don’t need to do any fancy guitar playing the fancy picking just strum those basic chords. You never really any fancy strumming, easy stuff guys. I’ll see you, take care.

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