how to teach yourself guitar

Dudes, Dudettes (if there is such a thing) young and old! CMC here. Here’s an idea: let’s get self taught! How? Here’s HOW TO TEACH YOURSELF GUITAR. I’ve compiled a few simple steps for those of you Rebels with a cause out there, who, like me, never wanted or don’t want to, actually pay for some classes or lessons. (Well, I eventually did after playing and becoming fairly advanced almost ten years after I first picked up a guitar.)This is by no means an exhaustive study or handbook. This is just a few words to get you thinking, so here goes…

WHAT YOU WILL NEED: OK, this should be pretty easy: you need a guitar. Get yourself the best one you can find. There is nothing worse than the wrong guitar. It will kill your desire, your drive, your ambition. And it will be a lie because you know you want to know how to teach yourself guitar.

WHAT TO EXPECT: Expect a lot of frustration, a lot of joy, a lot of elation. Expect hours and hours of practice. Expect to spend some bucks and some time. Expect your fingers to get sore. Expect calluses to develop in time, (they will ease the pain.) These are givens. But I challenge you to expect things that are up to you: expect to rock! Expect to wow your audience or significant other or even just your Mom.

 Easy Rhythm Guitar Lesson for beginners

WHAT TO DO NEXT: In the infamous words of David Lee Roth (or

Sammy Hagar as it may be) JUMP! That’s right, GO AHEAD AND

JUMP! Just do it. Rock it out. Grab that guitar with both hands and make a stash (well, maybe a song might work better.) Seriously-find the right guitar, find someone who knows what they’re doing, ask questions, work your butt off, make it happen. You can do it!

WHY? Because the world needs you. The world needs your music, your take on it. The world needs more music and less ugliness. And who knows- maybe you’ll really have a go at it. Maybe you’ll make history. You’ll never know until you try.

 Beginner Guitar Chord lesson

WHAT TO PAY: Hey, your best bud might give you that cheap acoustic guitar his brother had, for FREE. But to assume that’s the one for you would be a mistake. As I’ve said already about ten thousand times, make 100% SURE you’ve got the right instrument for YOU. Not every guitar is going to be RIGHT for you-make sure it is. How do you know? One word: COMFORT. You need to be really, really comfortable with this musical cohort, since you and he, she or it are going to be “married,” right? Yep, that’s right- joined at the hip. This thing is going to be right there, in your lap, on your hip, for hours and hours, so make sure you’re A-OK with it.

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