How To Play The Open Chords For Acoustic Guitar Beginners

Acoustic guitar is an easy instrument to learn to play casually and a difficult one to master. Many beginners don’t want to master the instrument, however, they just want to be able to play a few of their favorite songs to impress their friends or entertain themselves. The good thing about acoustic guitar is that you can do both of those things with very little experience. So, you’ve bought a beautiful acoustic guitar and you’re ready to get started, right? No need to let it sit in the corner and gather dust. What you need are some guitar lessons for beginners acoustic style. Let’s learn a few chords. The chords shown below are called open, or first position, chords. Believe it or not, countless songs use these chords. In fact, many of them use just two or three of these chords at a time. Learn these chords and you’ll be armed with the knowledge you need to play many of the songs you want to play. The next example shows you how to read these chord diagrams. beginner chords.jpg read chord.jpg Learning the chords are important, but you want to be able to strum a rhythm to go along with them. Good strumming patterns make use of up and down strum action, indicated by the strum marks as indicated in this example. The upside down V indicates an upstroke and the first marking is a down stroke. In the beginning, strumming while you’re making chords and changing between them may seem awkward, but the more you practice, the better you’ll get. Don’t focus so much on the exact strum pattern of a song you want to learn as much as you focus on just getting the right sound or feel. You’re strum pattern will have its own individual fingerprint. strum markings.jpg Armed with a few chords and some guitar lessons for beginners acoustic guitar style, you’re ready to play some music. That’s the reason you bought your acoustic guitar to begin with, right? Check out this EASY GUITAR LESSON ON A JASON MRAZ TUNE A quick search of the Internet will bring you to thousands of options for easy acoustic guitar songs you’ll recognize immediately. As a beginner, you’ll want versions that show either the chord names or chord diagrams along with lyrics. That’s all you need to strum a song and make it sound good. The example below shows acoustic guitar music. against the wind.jpg You can find detailed guitar lessons for beginners acoustic playing is to check out video websites like YouTube, where you can find lessons on chords and strumming, or look for a website (there are quite a few) that specialize in acoustic guitar lessons. With so many options, learning to play acoustic guitar has never been easier. If learning chords and songs on guitar is your goal, I recommend you to check out these courses: GUITAR SONG COLLECTION

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