How to Play Some Popular Guitar Songs

Playing guitar can be fun, challenging, rewarding, and relaxing. Some people play it for a living, some people play it strictly as a hobby. Those who play it as a hobby tend to learn songs they can learn quickly and easily, either to entertain themselves or to entertain their friends. Certain songs lend themselves better to hobby guitar players than they do professional players. These songs are referred to as popular guitar songs and can be found in sheet music stores or online in both standard notation and tab. These songs are considered popular because they have been around for decades and sound good on guitar, are usually easy for beginners and hobbyists, and can be recognized by almost everybody as soon as you play them.


Popular guitar songs can be anything from standards to folk songs to holiday favorites. You can usually play these songs with a very limited chord vocabulary and a simple rhythmic approach, making them ideal for beginners. Do a quick search on the Internet and you’re likely to find enough popular guitar song chord charts to give you plenty of material to play at any gathering where you’ll be the entertainment.

Some favorite popular include songs like “Down in the Valley,” “Sound of Silence,” “Blowin’ in the Wind,” “Mr. Bojangles,” “Country Roads,” and “American Pie” are always party favorites. Some of the songs you might find popular during holidays include “Silent Night,” “O Christmas Tree,” and “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.” If you really want to have a good set list of popular guitar songs, learn to play “Happy Birthday” and you’ll find yourself the center of attention at every birthday party.

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Learning to play popular guitar songs is fun and doesn’t really take a lot of effort. Playing these songs is a relaxing way to enjoy the instrument without devoting too much time to learning difficult theory and techniques. If you’ve always wanted to play guitar but without the hard work, learn a few of these songs and let yourself go.

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