Guitar Lessons and Tabs For Beginners Free At Youtube

Most beginning guitar players want to play something right away. While it does take years of hard work and practice to become a proficient player, it’s possible to get into playing some of your favorite songs in rudimentary form right away.

Some people are blessed with a great ear and can sit down and pick out chords and notes and start playing that way. Most of us, though, need at least a little prompting, whether that prompting comes in the form of chords or full notation. Fortunately, the Internet is full of web sites that offer guitar music for beginners, both in the form of lessons and in the form of tab versions of some of your favorite songs.

One place to get guitar music for beginners is Youtube. There are lots of people who teach songs. Watching a video is a great way to learn. You can refer to the videos as often as you like, and sometimes actually seeing someone else play it can be the best way to learn. Browse Youtube and find a few guys (or girls) who regularly show you how to play guitar songs for beginners. There’s hardly a better way to learn to play some of your favorites.

Check out this EASY GUITAR VIDEO LESSON on a famous song!

If you’re looking for guitar music for beginners that focuses more on learning how to play guitar, there are a number of web sites offering strum techniques, picking techniques, and easy songs laid out to help you learn chords. Below is an example of an easy guitar exercise that helps teach strumming and picking techniques. These are simple pieces that can be altered as you progress in your playing ability. The first example is a strum pattern with single notes to tie it all together. The second image is designed to help you focus on picking direction and patterns.



One of the best ways to build your skills is to create your own guitar music for beginners. Once you’ve learned the basic open position chords (shown below) and familiarized yourself with basic strumming and picking patterns, try writing a chord progression and assigning a strum pattern to it. This not only gets you comfortable with playing easy beginning guitar music, it’s a great way to set yourself on the road to composing your own music.


Guitar tab sites are another way to get your hands on some guitar music for beginners. You’d be surprised by how many songs you can play pretty quickly by just knowing basic chords. Songs by the Eagles, Bob Seger, Poison, Eric Clapton, Rod Stewart, and Steve Miller sound great strummed. Even songs by bands like AC/DC and the Scorpions sound good strummed on an electric or acoustic. You don’t have to play solos when you’re first starting out. Visit a couple of tab sites and try a few out. You’ll find that you will quickly become the life of the party as you build a catalogue of songs you can play while family and friends sing along.

If learning songs on guitar is your goal, I recommend you to check out these courses:


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