Beginning Lessons On How To Play The Guitar

Guitar is one of those instruments that lots of people want to learn, whether to play professionally or just as a hobby. The guitar is a versatile instrument you can carry with you almost anywhere, you can afford one at a relatively decent cost, and with a little bit of patience and persistence, even an absolute beginner can make some good sounds.

There are lots of ways to learn to play guitar. You can use online websites that specialize in guitar lessons, DVD courses, free video lessons on Youtube, or you can just put on your favorite music and try to pick it up by ear.

Video lessons on Youtube are a good place to start. Guitar videos on basics like stringing, tuning, and holding your guitar are right there alongside videos covering techniques like scale exercises, two-handed tapping lessons, jazz lick lessons, and lessons showing you how to play basic and advanced chords. Any subject you can possibly imagine is at your fingertips.

The examples below show some beginning lessons you can expect to find if you want to learn to play guitar. These are ideal for someone who has never played before. The examples show a basic strum pattern, picking technique, a major scale pattern, and how to read guitar tablature. These are all essential subjects for anyone who wants to learn to play guitar. As you master the beginning subjects, you can find more advanced lessons that tackle more difficult playing techniques (tapping, playing arpeggios, sweep picking, and jazz concepts). If you want, you can also pursue concepts of music theory.





Also, you will need a good lesson on how to tune a guitar, so check this out!


For those who are more accustomed to learning by ear, try listening to as much of your favorite music as you can and recreating it as near s you can. There are plenty of websites and Youtube video websites that offer TAB and instruction on playing some of your favorites. You can use these as guides as you try picking up the concepts of playing guitar that can help you develop as a player.

One-on-one instruction with a guitar teacher on a weekly basis can be beneficial to some beginners, at least until they get the hang of it. The downside to a personal instructor is that the cost can sometimes be prohibitive. It all comes down to what you can afford or what works best for you. Whatever choice you make, learning to play guitar can be a fun and rewarding experience that’ll give you a lifetime of pleasure.

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