Simple Guitar Tabs For Beginners

Lets talk about simple guitar tabs. Many tabs that people search out online are usually returned with a difficult-to-read mess of lines and numbers. Some tabs just have way too much going on that it can make your head spin, especially for a beginner. So what makes a specific guitar tab easy? Well that would be if the guitar riff you are learning itself is simple. If you hear a guitar line which sounds very difficult, chances are the tab will be a lot to take in. But if the melody line or riff has only limited notes, then reading the tab will take much less effort. One song that is great to learn from a tab is ‘Sunshine of Your Love’ by Cream. This song features Eric Clapton on guitar. While what he is doing is actually a lot tougher than what most guitarists are capable of, there are many simplified versions. Below is an easy version of the tab:

Simple Guitar Tabs For Beginners Simple Guitar Tabs For Beginners

As you can see, the above does not look too complicated at all. To make it easier, the tab is split into 3 sections, that way you can focus on each section separately. This will allow you to take it slow and move on once you are comfortable. A great strategy I use with guitar tablature sites is to seek out different tabbed versions of a particular song I want to learn. You will find that some versions are extremely advance and hard to digest, whereas other versions are much more simplified and geared toward the beginner guitar player. Sometimes you will also find tabs that are a mix of single notes and chords. While this does make it a bit more difficult to read, there are many cases where it is still very straightforward. What I really like about tabs are that they go a lot further compared to looking up chords online. The reason is because they show all of the little things to play between chords, as well as solos and guitar riffs. In this sense, a tab can really teach you a whole song, whereas chords will just give you an approximation. As you get better as a guitar player, it is important to keep challenging yourself with tabs. Move on from the simple ones over to the intermediate ones. In time, advanced tabs will be a breeze and you may even find your own music being tabbed out for new guitarists!

Easiest Basic Guitar Tearchings

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