How to Play 2 killer Pentatonic Licks on Guitar – Supercharged Soloing Made Simple w/ Claude Johnson

In this Guitar Control lesson video, we will show you how to play “The 2 Killer Pentatonic Licks”.

Check the image above to follow the chords and tabs.

Let us get started, the next lick is as cool as a melodic melody that makes any sense. It has a different way to go, a little bit angular, a little bit complicated. I will be playing it again for you real slow.

A good example of how you can create something beautiful, unusual, and different within the pentatonic is basically the key in the fourth position. We have this pattern on the 14th fret, which is actually the root of a, and jumping down to the d string 12th fret. We start by jumping down, and up to three notes, go back up, then jumping up to the 15th fret on the b string, and walk down. You get that by walking right down the scale, and then finishing it up, like this.

So 12th on the d walk up three notes and then way down here 15th fret of the a string and end up on d note, you can try extending it just with different ideas like trying jumping around a springboard for ideas, hope you like that one.

This next lick I call is the magic motif. It goes real slow, what I’m going to do here is starting with a basic pattern, root climbing up the scale and going back, but even the part of the lick has a rhythm to it. Going straight up holding the first note longer, which gives it a nice cool rhythm.

Now start on the d note and slide up, not the same pattern, but it is in that same motif of going up and back. That is why I call this magic motif, because sliding gives it a cool sound by itself. Doing the same kind of motif on the c. We went from a then jumped all the way up to the d. Going in the middle with the c and doing the same thing up and back, and ended a little bit differently, so we go down a little bit farther. We walk all the way down and then just back one note.

You can use this technique when you are writing licks, always try something, try a theme like going up, and back. Yours can be a little bit different and more complicated. Try repeating the motif. Start on a different note and try to vary it a little bit, and see what you can come up with.

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