How to Play “Stormy Monday” in the Style of The Allman Brothers – Slow Blues Guitar Lesson

How’s it going guys this is John McLennan with Guitar Control, bringing you this video lesson, thank you so much for tuning in. We’ve got a slow blues called “Stormy Monday” in the style of Allman Brothers, but the original writer of that song is T Bone Walker, and this riff exemplifies some real nice slow blues rhythm playing.

Check the image above to follow the chords and tabs.

Let’s start in the key of G, using my thumb to play this root note here, I play it twice and then take these three notes which are f, a, and d, that’s the 3rd fret, 2nd fret, 3rd fret, and slide up a whole step and bringing it back. Basically that’s kind of a G9 chord, and the kind of basic idea you can apply on that same thing over the C, you just move the figure up to the 8th fret and if you know what you want, you could do it on d.

That’s one of the Allman Brothers moves, is they’ll play the chord and basically just moving that G9 chord up to a G sharp 9 for a second, there kind of pauses above because you hear that all the time, like a T-Bone Walker’s playing, just to start off a blues or whatever.

It’s above the tonic, a half step above and then you will know where could it be the other way of thing. So let’s see if we can try it together, I’ll simplify down what I played using three chords g, c, and d. I’ll just move that riff around to see if you can play along with me, here we go 1, 2, 3, 4, up to c, and then take it up to d. So there it is its simplest form. Be sure to subscribe on our You Tube Channel and we’ll see you in the next video lesson thanks for tuning in.

How to Play Stormy Monday On Guitar – T Bone Walker Stormy Monday Blues

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