Demo of Spear NSG Classic Black

Demo of Spear NSG Classic Black

Hey, Claude Johnson here. I’ve got another guitar
of the month video for you. It is the Spear NSG
Classic Black. It’s an amazing sounding guitar,
mahogany body, set-in mahogany neck, rosewood
fingerboard, Humbuckers and yeah, it sounds great
on both clean and distortion tones.

First, let me give you a clean tone.
I’m just going to play a couple of bars of
a jazz tune that I’ve been working on.

So let’s hear how it sounds with some distortion.
I’m just going to improv a quick blues solo for
you over a backing track.

All right, so there you have it; a great sounding
guitar; the Spear NSG Classic Black. We’ve got
these in two different colors including the relic
looks so get your favorite and I just want to remind
you that we offer the best guarantee in the industry
when it comes to guitars, 90-day unconditional money
back guarantee with free shipping both ways when you
ask. So we’ll ship it to you free and if you don’t
love the guitar, if you don’t think it sounds as great
as I’m making it sound or whatever if you’re not
impressed or for any reason, you just send it back
and well pay the shipping to send it back. You’re
not going to lose. Try and hook yourself up while
supplies last.

You can get them here:

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