Guitar Cleaner: Cleaning a Fretboard With Boogie Juice

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Here´s The Fast and Easy Way To Take Great Care of Your Guitar: Let´s Introduced to You The Amazing Boogie Juice!… A Must Have Fretboard Cleaner For Any Serious Guitarist. For more Info About This Guitar Cleaner, Please Go Here:

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Hey, guys. How’s it going? It’s Claude Johnson here
and today I want to tell you about the amazing
Boogie Juice fingerboard cleaner.

Now we all know the importance of taking good care
of our guitars, but the problem is it can be a real
pain in the butt to actually sit down and clean
the fretboard. Well, Boogie Juice is an all-natural
cleaner with a patented dispensing system that’s
designed to make it easy to clean the fretboard.
The coolest thing is I’m going to send you this
free today, all we ask is a couple of bucks
to help us cover the shipping.

Now, my Gibson SG has a ton of built-up dirt
on the fretboard. So I’m actually going to use
Boogie Juice for the first time here. Let’s
experience it together and see how it works.

So this is my Gibson SG and as you can see there’s
a lot of dirt on all the frets, a lot of hours of
playing, just a lot of caked-on dirt there. Let’s
see what we can do here. I’m actually not going to
remove the strings, although that’s always good to
do when you’re cleaning. But I’m just going to kind
of take care of some of this dirt on the high strings
here. I guess this would be the 8th fret. I’ll just
do half of the frets, the high E, B and G strings here.

I’ve got a soft cloth. So I’m just going to kind
of wipe. Again, this will probably be a lot easier
if I’d removed the strings, but sometimes you
don’t want to do that. Wow. That was easy. That
really came off. Let me do the rest of this.
Beautiful. I’m actually going to go ahead and
clean the rest of my fretboard now.

So after just a few minutes with Boogie Juice
I was able to remove most of the dirt from the
fingerboard and I’m sure I could get it even
cleaner, even faster had I actually
taken the strings off the guitar.

Boogie Juice is a great way to keep your
fretboard clean. It’s fast and easy.
It won’t make a mess. It won’t leave your
fingerboard greasy like other products
do and it even has a great lemon scent
to it. And best of all, it’s free; you
just pay the shipping. So go ahead and
grab yours now while supplies last.

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