How to Tune Your Guitar In Drop D

Quick Guitar Lesson on Drop D Tuning - Learn to Tune your Guitar in Drop D

Hey, guys. Claude Johnson here and I want to talk
about drop D tuning.

Normally a guitar is tuned to E, A, D, G, B and E.
Drop D tuning, all you’re doing is changing the low
E string down to a D. You can do it with your tuner
or an easy way is just to compare the pitch to your
D string.

Right now I’m in standard tuning. There’s my E and
there’s my D. So now I’m in drop D. A thing to remember
about drop D is that every note is different. This is
really F. This is really a G. You can do all kinds of
cool stuff.

For example, the song “Black Water”. A minor to D9, that
nice D note. It sounds nice. There are a million songs
that use drop D. It’s a good thing to know. You can try
those songs; you can try writing your own cool riffs.
It’s great for D blues, too. You can do some drone stuff.

Try that; that’s another idea. Thanks for watching and
have an awesome day.

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