Ritchie Blackmore Rhythm Lesson

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One of my all-time favorite bands, rhythmically,
Ritchie Blackmore, another Tony Iommi. But he did
things a little bit different. He didn’t play more
of a blues pattern; he wasn’t doing the… He didn’t
do the bouncy kind of thing; he had a very different
way of doing chords.

Slow it up a little bit and take two strings, your G
and your D. This is a Ritchie Blackmore kind of a vibe.
He had a whole different way of doing it. He didn’t use
a pick as much; he used his two fingers and he picked
it almost like an old fashioned chicken-pickin’, like
country players, you know, Roy Gallagher and even
Chet Atkins was really into this kind of picking.

So Blackmore took a lot of this old vibe and went to
this kind of thing. It would slur together. Like I said,
with ascending half a step, ascending half step. Okay.
So it’s whole, half. Start on A. Slow. There’s a great
riff for you guys to work on. Let’s do this together.

Work on the 5th fret. This is where we ended the phrase
I showed you with the half step. Using the box, 5-7 box;
1-3 again. So we’re going to go 2nd fret. The only strings
we’re going to use are your D and your G. Okay.

We’re going to pull-off. We went over this many times when
we were pulling off, but I always like the pull-off. It gives
it a real cool attitude. We are going to walk descending,
back to the A. So we go… You can pick it if you like.

Let’s do something very basic together. Slower again.
That D string is all by itself, open, as you hammer-down.
You’re bouncing off the D with these two finger notes.
Another way of doing this chord is, if you like, a lot
of players will do this, they’ll use their two fingers,
the first and the second finger, and hit the notes
individually. It gives it a little more clarity and you
can up and down it.

So let’s do this together. One, two, three, four.

We slid down. So let’s do this up to speed now,
with a little more gain to it. We use our pick.

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