Triplet Picking

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Another way of doing alternate picking, which
I think is really great, take your E. Don’t
use your open E as your anchor anymore, same
kind of a pattern. You’re downing it and you’re
tripling it.

My biggest effect with this is I learned a way
of doing it, watching guys like Marty Freeman
and Paul Gilbert. They have such great right
finger technique, it’s just unbelievable the
way they do things. They took a basic, you know…
and they made it better. They made it so much better,
so much more like, how did you get that sound?
It took me years to kind of get my way of doing this.

So let’s try this with the E. I’m not using my wrist
at all for this. Usually you use your wrist for up
and down picking. With this, I’m using my pointer
finger and my thumb on my picking hand and I’m
circling with my two fingers. It’s going really
slow, get really close up on this one.

Show my fingering.

It’s one and two and triplet; one and two and triplet.
And then you can really bring it. And watch the chirp
of your guitar. If you don’t hit it really tight,
you’ll get a chirp sound. Your amp will get a
feedback sound because your pick is moving like in a
circular motion.

Explain that to you. What I’m saying, going like this,
I’m saying almost like wax on, wax off, in a way, but
not really. You’re pretty much taking your hand and
you’re just going like this. And you’re not moving
your wrist. Basically you’re just…

Hear that chirp? Again, like I said, we use our thumb
and our pointer finger, really slow. Build it up.

So we show the different bases, where we can down-stroke
it and triplet pick it. I think it really works in a lot
of different sounds. I think in a lot of verses of songs
you should down-pick a lot because it gives it, you know,
a real dry like…

Then you can put your triplet pick in there.

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