Heavy Half Step Slides

Another sample from Epic Rhythm Guitar Power DVDs, to be released Aug 17!

Now, a nice and slow speed. And every time you do
that you’re anchoring your open E again. Every time,
it’s your little breath in between. It’s almost like
a meter pattern. Boom-boom-boom-ba-E. Boom-boom-boom-ba-E.
It’s this — you’re always — your right hand is never
letting go. You’re just pretty much…but it’s very
tight on the speed pattern.

Again, that’s another technique you should always try
to work with. It’s half-step walks. I think they’re
really great in rock and metal and a lot of blues
patterns like to walk down the neck.

As I do my A-sharp, I slowly again slide as I’m
picking to the fifth fret, low E string. My pinkie
is on the A string, 7th fret, which makes an A.

So now I’m going… That’s the two-pattern of it all.
And to finish the whole three pattern walk, as they
call a three-pattern walk, because you’re one-two;
one-two; one-two. As I’m doing that, I’m going three
separate runs in the middle of my down picking.

The next time we do it, after we anchor our E again,
always remember, anchor your E string. On the low
E string, on the 8th fret, our pinkie again, our
fourth finger, is on the 10th fret, A string, which
gives it that really aggressive part now.

Now, when you put it together up to speed, just
remember be tight and slowly make sure you hear
every note. Your half-step runs, you need to make
sure you’re starting on the sharp note and you end
it on a full power chord. And when I say full power
chord, I use two fingers. It’s not like a full barre
chord where you use all four fingers. It’s just two
basic; your one and your four or your one and your
three, whatever you prefer.

So, up to speed… And you can really dominate this
if you just really get the feel of it.

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