How to Play The Minor Pentatonic Scale on Guitar

Hi, Claude Johnson here and I want
to talk today about the minor pentatonic

I freakin love this scale because first
of all, its only 5 notes… Secondly,
it sounds awesome, and third, its the
basis for all rock and blues guitar

Penta is latin for five. So the minor
pentatonic scale contains five notes.

For example, the B minor Pentatonic
scale contains the notes B, D, E, F#, and

That’s all.

You can play killer guitar solos using
just those 5 notes if you want.

Many of the greatest guitar gods like
Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix have
used the minor pentatonic scale to great effect.

It has a very bluesy sound to it. Minor pentatonic
blues sounds are very common not only in blues,
but also blues-rock, rock and roll, and other
styles like heavy metal.

If you’re interested in playing a minor pentatonic
solo, you first need to learn some minor pentatonic

One easy way to learn these, is to grab my course
called Killer Lead Guitar, Made Simple, where
I show 50, really cool minor pentatonic licks.

And by the way, you can get this course as part
of the Ultimate learning package that qualifies
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Also, you can build and learn your own licks
by learning the minor pentatonic patterns.

There are 5 basic minor pentatonic patterns
for each key, and together they connect the
minor pentatonic scale all over the fretboard.

I go deeper into these concepts in Killer Guitar
Control Secrets, which is also part of the learning
package that comes with the free guitar.

If you want to play killer guitar solos, you need
these courses.

Even if you’re a bass player, learning the minor pentatonic
scale is critical. Minor pentatonic bass scales are
just the same on the guitar.

So learn the minor pentatonic scale and you will be well
on your way to rocking out!

Rock on,

Claude Johnson

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