String Skipping Lick/Exercise In The Style Of Paul Gilbert

Learn this fun string skipping lick/exercise in the style of Paul Gilbert with Guitar Control instructor Darrin Goodman, aka Uncle D. Be sure to get the free tabs to go along with the step by step video instruction and you will be rockin’ this sweet lick tonight!

string skipping lick/exercise


How’s it going everybody? This is Darrin with bringing you this video lesson and today I’ve got a cool little lick/exercise that incorporates alternate picking, legato and string skipping.

So right now, Guitar Control is giving away this really awesome daily practice routine to improve your lead guitar chops. This was put together by our very own Sylvio Gazquez, a two-time Guitar Idle finalist. This routine covers the four main concepts that are necessary for lead guitar; alternate picking, legato, sweep picking and tapping. All the tabs and exercises are all included in this free Ebook and there’s a link in the description where you can get yours.

So be sure to click on the link in the description for the tabs and let’s get close up and take a look at this.

String Skipping Lick/Exercise

All right, so we’re going to divide this into three pieces. So our first one here is all on the high E string and I’m on the fourth fret with my first finger, the fifth fret with my second finger and then the seventh fret with my fourth finger. All right, so there’s a few different ways that you can do this, but the main way that I always play it, the way I’ve always practiced it because it just because it combines these different elements and makes for a good exercise. So I pick this first note here on the fourth fret, the fifth fret and then the seventh fret and then I’m gonna pull back off… So down, up, down, pull, pull… All right, and then from there we’re going to move down to the G string. We’ll skip over the B string and we’re going to come down here to the G string and we’re on the same frets as that we were on the high E string. So first finger on the fourth fret, second finger on the fifth fret and fourth finger on the seventh fret and now we’re going to start at the seventh fret and we’re going to go from the seventh fret to the fifth fret to the fourth fret and then back out back up and we’re going to pick all of that… All right so if we think of this as part one, what we do on the high E string, and then part two what we do on the G string, then that leaves part three. So for part three it’s going to be actually on the B string and how this pattern goes is we start off on the high E string down to the G string and then we move back up to the high E string again and we do that same thing again… Now I’m gonna go to the B string, but we have to shift down a half step, so now our first finger will be taking care of the third fret on the B string, our third finger will be taking care of the fifth fret and our fourth finger will be taking care of the sixth fret and we’re going to do that same thing here where we’re going to start off like we did on the G string we’re going to pick all of these notes and we’re going to start on the sixth fret; so it’ll be six, five, six, three, five, six and then the whole sequence would just repeat… and then just start over again…

All right, so there’s different ways that you can do it, like I was doing… I was alternate picking the whole thing… But the reason that I like to… is because that way it goes some practice with the legato and then alternate picking and I’m having to skip over the string. So if these techniques are new to you then how I would recommend that you start off is just doing the just the E string part first… just you know work on that. Now don’t worry about trying to play it quickly. So even if you’re just like… that’s totally fine. Then go to the G string… practice that and put it together… All right, so after you have that part then do it with the same thing with the other part. So this part is a little bit more challenging because you’re having to shift your hand position down here and you’re only having to skip over the string which could be a challenge if you haven’t really worked on it before, but I just think it’s a really cool sounding lick. Where I got this from was the Paul Gilbert instructional video, the very first one he did. At the beginning of it during the opening credits he plays that sequence, but it’s a lot longer, but I just found that this portion of it is a good exercise…


All right, so there you have it, a fun, cool sounding lick/exercise that’s going to help you cover different techniques, getting all four of your fingers in there with common shapes of half step and whole step whole step and a half step, string skipping, legato and alternate picking; it’s all in there so it’s a really great exercise I think and it sounds really cool, it’s like a really cool sounding lick. So if you like this lesson be sure to give me a thumbs up and leave a comment down below if you have any questions about this or other guitar later topics. If you have not already done so please subscribe to the channel and hit that notification bell so you don’t miss any of the content that we upload throughout the week. Well that is all I have for you today. Thanks for watching and have a great day.

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