How To Take Guitar Lessons – Know the Different Ways

There are many variations of how guitar lessons can be taken. The following are examples of the different methods.

*Group Guitar Lessons: Group guitar lessons are given to groups with as many as 30 students at a time. These lessons are usually taught using guitar lesson method books such as Hal Lenard or Mel Bay that are structured for a group setting, but not always. Group guitar lessons can be the slowest method of learning because of the slow pace caused from so many individual skill levels in the class.

*Private Guitar Lessons: Private guitar lessons are one on one and are usually the most productive setting for a student. These lessons are usually done using popular method books or with original curriculum written by the instructor. In this setting students get the personal attention of the teacher and can progress much faster than in an other guitar lesson setting.

*Online Private Guitar Lessons: Online private guitar lessons are done over the internet with a webcam using Skype or some other webcam chat based website. These guitar lessons are usual done using the instructor’s original curriculum. These types of lessons can be productive, but limited to technology like webcam quality, broadband speed, etc… This is a very popular method of guitar lessons today. Many world renowned guitarists offer online guitar lessons.

*Online Video Guitar Lessons: Online video guitar lessons are pre recorded videos streaming online from instructor websites or YouTube. Often these guitar lessons can be viewed for free, but beware, sometimes you get what you pay for. The internet is flooded with free guitar lessons that have bad information that can teach bad techniques or habits that can cause future problems for the student. There are also lots of legitimate online guitar lessons that can be a very helpful and productive way to take guitar lessons.

*Published Video Guitar Lessons: Professional produced video guitar lessons that can be purchased in DVD format can be a great way to take guitar lessons. These types of videos usually are the original curriculum of the instructor and are usually broke down into easy to follow steps. Professionally produced with Hi-Def picture and sound with picture in picture close-ups to be able to see clearly what the instructor is doing. You have the ability to pause or rewind a section over and over again to master a technique or a lick on your own time. Many world renowned guitarist have published there own series of guitar lesson DVD’s so you can learn the licks and songs of your favorite band or artist in your own living room.

So you can see that there are many options for taking guitar lessons. Weather you want to do it with a group of friends or sitting in front of your computer or TV. Private one on one is the most productive method of taking guitar lessons.

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