The Sound Hound Lounge – All About Killer Tones and Gear You Need to Know

Jimmy Dillon makes a guest appearance towards the end of
Secrets of the Jam Masters with Mark Karan…

Its a feature called the Sound Hound Lounge…
its all about killer tones and gear… check it out.

MALE: Welcome to MK Sound Lounge, a new feature.
This is the first time out. I’m going to be sitting
here with my buddy, Jimmy Dillon, and we’re just
going to be rapping about stuff: effects, guitars,
amps, parts, solos, sound, production, all the stuff
that is sound-oriented and music-oriented that coalesces
to make us all have a great handle on a song and make
it a record.

JIMMY: Yep, yep.

MALE: In the spirit of the overall product, we’re
jamming here. We’ve got nothing plotted out. We’re
just going to have a conversation and see what we
can get at.

All right. Well that…

JIMMY: Rockin’ the blues, right?

MALE: Yeah, something like that. That worked in a
little idea that we talked about earlier, the idea
of a pedal tone. You know, as you might have noticed,
as Jimmy was playing through the chord changes there,
I got on that little double stop — thank you Chuck Berry —
and I got on it like a dog on a bone and it stayed there
through all the changes.

Jimmy: We went from some sort of junk blues into kind
of a straight-up rock thing.

MALE: Exactly. It’s all very mutable. It’s all very mutable.
But dig it. Jimmy’s going to play the [unintelligible – 02:17]
again and I’m going to show you, this hangs.

So something that simple can actually be that effective,
you know? It’s pretty cool.

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