Mixolydian Licks

Hey guitar friends and guitar fans!

Ok, here’s a few sweet mixolydian licks I kind of came up with spontaneously… Actually, watching Mark Karan’s DVD got me thinking in different directions… In this case, the power of the mixolydian sound.

Lick #1:

I was just kind of picking an up-and-down the scale diatonic thing (starting with an upstroke) , but then I go back and hit the triad using an upstroke sweep. Feels really good under the fingers. By the way, apologies I didn’t have time to film this — you’re just getting the tab and MIDI. More vids coming soon, I promise 🙂

The key here is E mixolydian, and we are starting on the B note but finishing on the E major triad.


Lick #2:

Let’s try something in A mixolydian…and this time we’ll start on the root. We’ll also use more of a legato feel (hammer ons and pull offs) instead of picking. We start out going straight up the scale and back, then we’ll outline the triad and end by sliding down to the G note (the mixolydian tone) to finish the lick.


Again, Mark has been my newest guitar inspiration. He’s the guy who’s been playing with the Grateful Dead dudes (Bob Weir and co.) for a while now. I kind of went in a little bit of a “shred” direction with these licks, because i’ve been working on my chops lately, but you can do a lot simpler, less technical things too as Mark shows on the DVD.


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