How to Do Tapping Lick E. V. Halen Style – Part 2

Hey guys,

This is Cameron with a cool guitar lesson…

Today he will teach you another cool tapping lick in the style of Eddie Van Halen !

Hope you enjoy it!

Lead Guitar Lesson – Tapping Guitar Lick in the Style of Eddie Van Halen – Part 2

Hey, everybody. This is Cameron Rasmussen for

So guys, today I’d like to talk about tapping again. Like I said
in a previous video, Eddie Van Halen is the man to study if you
want to get into tapping because he more or less invented it and
he really popularized it for the guitar. You can’t go wrong with
studying Eddie either way, because he’s a boss.

Today I’d like to show you my own lick that I came up with for
tapping that implies a chord progression that is a common cord
progression in pop songs and what not that you will definitely
recognize. I did this because I feel like a lot of guitar players
use tapping very sparsely or under use it by only doing one or two
notes and adding it to another lick. Kind of like this… Though
that might be cool, it is a way to get suck in playing the same
kind of tapping licks over and over again. Because if you’re going
to be improvising, and that’s all you’re going to add for tapping,
that might get a little bit dry. So today I’m going to show you a
tapped chord progression that I came up with.

The lick I’m going to show you right now has a lot of stretching
in your left hand as well, which is a good thing to practice. So
here’s the lick. Here’s the lick again. And here’s the lick slow.

So with the lick I showed you today, I think it’s a much more tasty
use of tapping to tap a chord progression or an arpeggio than it is
to just sparsely use it in a solo or in a lick. Some guitar players
very frequently use it. It’s a very cool way to tap an arpeggio and
impress people that way. So it’s a good technique to have.

Please click the link in the video description if you’d like to see
the tab for what I showed you today and I’ll see you next time.

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