And the winner is…

Hi Friend,

Man… I am so excited.

I don’t know if you recall, but recently
we decided to give away an Ibanez Artcore
jazz guitar to one lucky winner.

Now, believe me… I would LOVE to be able
to give EVERYONE one of these sweet

However, for practical reasons, I was
only able to give away ONE of these
babies… So please don’t feel bad if you
didn’t win.

The winner (chosen at random) is
Grady Calloway, from Oakland Township,

Congrats Grady!

I asked Grady to sent me a picture to share
with you, just so you know the Claudster
is for real when he says he’s giving away a guitar 🙂

He also sent me a nice note.

Check it out:

Anyway, once again, if your name isn’t Grady Calloway,
don’t worry… you can still be a winner by scooping up the
Real Easy Jazz Guitar Course (
or any of our other fine products.

Rock on,

Claude Johnson

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