Are we having fun yet?

Hey Friend,

First of all, a big THANKS if you
posted on the tonetutor blog
sending your condolences
for my reason loss.

Losing a loved one is never easy,
but I want you to know i’m
doing fine and enjoying life
once again.

I’ve been really having fun
lately playing guitar.

And as you know, i’m in
the business of helping
other guitarists have more
fun playing and learning.

My latest product, tonetutor,
is designed to turbo-boost
your sense of pitch, so that
you can play the notes you’re
hearing in your head.

This is the ability of the guitar gods!

…Like Carlos Santana.

There’s a sweet picture of him
wailing away :

So, please listen to the audio seminar
(which is only free until Friday)
on my blog:

And post your comments PLEASE! 🙂

This could be the key for you to
totally transform your lead guitar abilities.

Which obviously would be pretty fun.

But even when you’re learning and getting
up to speed, you’ll still have tons of
fun with tone tutor and video games
that come with it. (Guitar God Games)

Anyway, its easy to get started with
the free seminar.

Check it out:


Rock on and have a great week,

Claude Johnson

P.S. Remember, this freebie
goes away at midnight on Friday,
so go ahead and download it now.

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