It’s the Big “3-5”

Hi Friend,

Yep, the big 3-5.

I almost forgot to tell ya 🙂

In other words, its my birthday. haha…

Go Claude, go claude, lol…


Don’t worry if you didn’t get me anything,
but I have something for you! – its the
last day to download my 1 hour audio
seminar on acquiring absolute pitch.

Check it out

And by the way, if you haven’t taken advantage
of our cool new packages at,

Hope you have a great weekend. I’m going
to visit with some family.

Take care!

Claude Johnson

Beginner Guitar Courses:

Intermediate Guitar Courses:

Advanced Guitar Courses:

Other Goodies:

P.S. We have some very exciting things coming down
the pipeline. Country, jazz, blues, fingerpicking,
and more jam tracks.

Don’t forget to download that audio, i’m taking
it down this weekend.

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