Are you in the guitar god zone?

Hello Friend,

I was just playing some fierce
blues licks earlier today,
and it got me thinking…

Oh, first by the way, I
have a whole new guitar
and amp set up, and
i’ll be putting up
some new videos soon.
You might be surprised
what kind of guitar
I favor these days!

I’ll be giving away one of
these babies in a future promo.

Anyway, for TODAY…

Believe it or not, this email
is NOT going out to my whole list.

It’s only going to you guys who signed up as
an advanced or elite player, or someone who’s
interested in entering what I call “the guitar freak zone”.

You’re one of the few destined for guitar mastery
or maybe greatness.

Anyway, I thought I’d email you guys today
and remind you to take advantage of the
Virtuoso Guitar Secrets promo.

Silvio is one of the top elite guitarists in the world in my opinion.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Amazing Guitar Songs
No BS shred techniques
Famous Shred Licks and Styles
(and a lot more)

You gotta move now though – the
half price sale is over tomorrow

Go get it:

I know you’re always hungry for the next
level on the guitar.

When you can smoothly and fluidly
use advanced technique to capture
your artistic vision, that’s when
you go beyond “advanced guitar”
and into the Virtuoso realm.

Silvio’s there, and he wants to help
you get closer to your own virtuoso

Getting this course now is a no-brainer
smart move:

That’s it for now, but I’ll back soon
to hit you up with some cool guitar

Rock on,

Claude Johnson

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