Amazing True Guitar Hero Story (youtube)

Hello Friend,

Hope you’re doing well. I got quite a few
things going on today, so
I’ll make a long story short.

Silvio Gazquez just won the
PetrucciFever guitar contest!

Here’s a youtube about the
contest and winners:

Yep, Silvio beat out 121 entries
to be #1 and the guitar hero of
the hour.

It just goes to show:

You work hard, you learn to rock,
you get the girl, it all works out
in the end…ha haha 🙂

Seriously, this is cool. Help Silvio
celebrate this achievement by picking
up a copy of the Virtuoso Guitar Secrets
while it’s still on Sale (till Friday at

It’s perfect timing!

Here’s the link:

Keep rockin, and dont forget to watch
the video (and order your “VGS” before friday).

Claude J

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