Are you one of the 20% who believe this?


I read CRAZY stories in the news.

Yesterday I was reading about a 102
year old lady from China who went
back to the first grade.

It looked funny, but its kind of
inspiring and proof that its never
too late… to do anything!

Another wacky article reported that
1 in 5 people believe that aliens
walk amoung us.

I guess you could count me as
one of the 4 out of 5 people who
don’t believe it.

On the other hand, some guitarists
are so freakishly good, you have
to wonder if they are human.

Of course, Steve Vai is famous
now for his “Alien love secrets”
and other extraterrestrial references.

Well, I don’t have any Steve Vai
lessons for you today – however,
I have another guitar freak
who is ready to teach you other-wordly

His name is Derryl Gabel and perhaps
you’ve seen this site before:

I mention it today because Derryl
is actually working on a new course
called “Supersonic Sweeping”.

It’s going to be all about how to play
those amazing sweep arpeggios that
make every lead guitarist grin with
joy and shake their head in befuddlement.

But, you don’t have to wait to learn
Derryl’s “alien” guitar secrets. The
fusion package is available NOW,
so if you’re into the lead guitar,
please check out this site.

It’s a practically guaranteed way to
become a freak on the fretboard in
90 days:

If you’re more of an acoustic player,
then just stay tuned because I will
have another “Soul of Acoustic Guitar”
video in about a day.

Have a great weekend. Enjoy the weather
but make sure to pick up the guitar too.
You won’t regret it.

Rock on… Over and out!

Claude Johnson

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