cars, guitars, coffee, and epic winning

Hi Friend,

They say that 2 best days of owning
a boat are the day you buy it and
the day you sell it.

One brings excitement of owning something
new, the other brings relief of not having
to care for and maintain it…

Well, I’ve never owned a boat… But I’m
happy because I just sold my Corvette.

Yes, the same car that was featured in
the first “Claustin Powers” 🙂

I know, my life has become cliche —
getting married, selling the sports car,
and so on and so forth…

I’m simplifying things and getting rid
of things…

Guitars are another thing that’s great
to buy or sell… Sometimes we need
a new axe, or to sell an old one to
get something different.

As it turns out, I’m also selling my
1979 Fender strat… I used to play
this all the time on stage… But
these days I’m going in more shreddy
direction and also I’m digging the
Spear guitars…

But this is a cool guitar if you love blues:


So, I know I’m all over the place in this email.

Monday I’m going to give you some hardcore details
about scales and dominating the fretboard…

Today I just want to reach out, say hi…
share the news about selling my car, and
let you know about my strat…

and also I’d promised to tell you the
secrets to my new favorite drink.

It’s called “Cafe Su Da” and its a
Vietnamese iced coffee. You can make
it home with an inexpensive direct-flow
filter that you can get in Asian grocery
store for a couple bucks.

You make it with sweetened condensed milk.
Ok, so my tips:

1. You have to use a LOT of coffee in the
filter. Really load up the boat so you get that
really strong coffee flavor.

2. Don’t use too much condensed milk, just
enough so its slightly sweet.

Try one in a Vietnamese restaurant first
so you know how its supposed to taste like,
and then try it at home.

Your life just got upgraded by the Johnsonater.

BOOM! Epic winning… (lmao)

Have a GREAT weekend and watch for my email on Monday.

Claude Johnson

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