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Hey Friend,

I just want to take a minute and
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It’s been my mission to help you get the
most enjoyment possible out of
your instrument, and out of life.

Some people are a little confused
though, because now, after almost
5 years, I have SO many different
products and courses…

Sometimes I can’t even keep track! lol…

So Here’s a brief summary of what
I’ve got to offer you.

(You can think of this as a set of “blueprints”
for guitar mastery)

My first product was Killer Guitar
Control Secrets. This is a set of
2 DVDs that explains how to get
that “gut level” feel on the guitar.

My first guitar idols were guys
like Clapton, Hendrix, and Santana.
In the early days, I was all about
playing from the heart and sometimes
I didn’t even want to know what key
I was playing in!

Anyway, I compiled all my best ideas
about playing from the heart
into this groundbreaking product.

Next, I created a very basic course
for beginners (at the time it was
called guitar chord secrets), which
I later expanded into the 3-DVD Ultimate
Beginner’s Guitar Course by teaching
a 75-song repertoire along with the
introductory lessons.

This course features my “1-2-3” guitar
method (chords, progressions, then songs)
for getting beginners up to speed
as fast as possible and learning
songs in records time.

Then, I filmed “Killer Lead Guitar, Made Simple”.

This product is a single DVD showing just
how to get started playing leads. I felt
this was needed for the beginner before
they could really utilize the ideas
in Killer Guitar Control Secrets.

Next, I came out with “How to Play Smokin Blues”,
which is a 3-DVD course showing everything
I learned about blues guitar. It has
245 examples covering lots of blues styles
from shuffle patterns, blues harmonization,
riffs, to electric leads and more.

I would say this is a beginner to intermediate course.

At the same time that we filmed the blues course,
we also filmed the 3-DVD Acoustic Mastery course
with my friend “Virtuwul” as the teacher.

He shows a ton of amazing concepts involving picking
patterns, rhythm, dynamics, and tons of other stuff.
It’s an intermediate level course for the guy
who wants to improve on the acoustic guitar.

At some point, I realized a lot of people
were asking me to teach them gospel guitar,
so I created a course teaching 25 cool
Christian/Gospel songs:

And I also did a course at Christmas time
just on Christmas tunes:

Next, I decided I needed some advanced guitar courses, beyond even what I could teach.

So I hired the best players and teachers I could find.

First, the 4-DVD Fusion Guitar Secrets package with Derryl Gabel.
Truly mindblowing, advanced lead guitar stuff.

Then, the 3-DVD Virtuoso Guitar Secrets with Silvio Gazquez.
Also very advanced, but more geared toward straight ahead
rock and shredding rather than the “fusiony” style.

We also started promoting Marty Friedman’s
“99 Secret Musical Phrases DVD”

Next, an ADVANCED blues package:
This one features the legendary Stefan Grossman,
plus vintage footage of some of the greatest
blues guitarists who ever lived. This is truly
mindblowing in my opinion.

And there’s another course featuring Stefan
that focuses on fingerpicking styles.

By the way, I also sell some singing lessons
because I think you can easily multiple
your musicianship if you can learn to
sing and lead a band or group.
This features a really great teacher named Gil Magno,
who has actually coached some of his students
into winning Grammys and record deals.

I also put together a jam track package which
consists of 3 seperate collections of jam tracks.
These are 500 cool backing tracks that make playing
lead guitar a lot more fun:

Finally, the software: I was sick of being frustrated
that guitar scales took so long to memorize all over
the neck. I came up with 6 different ways to practice
scales and built a software around this method.
Go check it out:

And then I also created an eartraining system so you
could develp your ear and really achieve the promise
of guitar control:

Well, thats about it… Please check out the courses
that appeal to you the most and give them a shot.

If you ever need help with anything, you have
a question, or you just want to say hi,
the best way to get in touch is to
go to

Well, thats it for now… We’ll have
even more offerings for you soon and
you can be sure I’ll let you know
the scoop on those.

We’ll have “Real Easy Jazz Guitar”
coming out soon, and also “Wicked Chicken
Picken Chops”, plus I’ve got a few more
surprises baking in the oven for you
as we speak.

Adios Amigo… Over and out.

Your dedicated source of guitar knowledge,
Claude Johnson

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