Guess what I’m doing right now?

Hey Friend,

This is an unusual weekend for me. I’m actually
attending a training event – its a seminar on leadership.

Why am I doing this? And why am I telling
you about it?

Well, as GuitarControl has grown as a company,
i’ve had to hire additional people to help me out.

For example, our customer support staff,
that you might have talked to either on
the phone or by email…

I realized that I could be improving
the way I’m managing the team.

So I spent $1000 bucks on attending this
event, (not to mention hotel and airfare).

Yeah its a big investment, but I feel
you can never go wrong investing and
working on yourself.

Sometimes I actually don’t want to improve
and grow. Sometimes I’m content with
where I’m at and I need other people
to push me out of my comfort zone.

It was actually suggested to me by a good
friend that I do this.

Thankfully, I had the openmindedness to listen.

So, here in your life is an opportunity to grow?

My goal , in my business, is to help as
many guitarists as possible reach their goals.

That’s why I put out so many different products,
from the “1-2-3” ultimate beginner guitar course,
to the most advanced virtuoso and fusion packages,
and everything in between.

If getting to the next level on the guitar
is something that inspires you, I say,
hey… take some action.

Grab one of my courses… Or even grab
someone else’s courses… It doesn’t
matter to me – I just want you to be
able to rock out to your hearts content.

Of course, if you do order from Guitar Control,
I certainly wouldn’t mind 🙂

Keep taking it to the next level,

Claude Johnson

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