Claude 2.0 wants to connect deeper with you

Hi Friend,

Everyone’s talking about this new “web 2.0”.
I guess I’m behind the times. People have
been asking me for 2 years:

“Claude, when are ya gonna get a MySpace page?”

Well, I finally set myself up MySpace, Facebook
and Twitter. Check it out:

Also, I want to share with you a special pic of
Earl Kirkland from Heber City, Utah.
He’s last month’s winner of the free guitar
I promised to the first person who
ordered Virtuoso Guitar Secrets.

I hooked him up with a sweet Ibanez.

He told me he absolutely loves the guitar
(he’s probably happier about it than
this picture reveals.) he he…

Anyway congrats Earl – you were the early bird who got
the axe.

Claude Johnson

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