Smaller Fingerpicking DVD Packages

Hi Friend,

Another week is here. On the one
hand, its Monday, which can can be a drag…

On the other hand, it’s a good time in
the world of fingerpicking guitar.

Fingerpicking is a lot of fun and
sounds great.

So, if you already placed your order for
the fingerpicking package, THANK YOU!
You should be receiving your package in a few days.

If you were waiting for the smaller DVD
packages to come out, well, wait no further!

First, we have a 9 DVD set that does not
contain the 6 “Ultimate Country Blues” DVDs.
We also have a 5 DVD set if you just wanted
to get a few DVDs to get started.

Of course, the big packages are the best value
and we still have the payment plan for you.

However, I would definitely recommend that you
place your order today because the free shipping
on all these packages ends tomorrow…

so grab it now and save more moolah.

Here’s the deals to check out:

I can’t wait to get your success story email
about how you’re learning these awesome
fingerstyle arrangements.

Play on,

Claude Johnson

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