Here’s how to play that “spy” chord


Grab your guitar.

I want to show you an ultra-groovy chord.

This chord was featured in my now infamous
“Claustin Powers” production, and someone
asked me about it, so I thought I’d
show it to you.

Oh by the way, if you haven’t seen the
wacky Claustin Powers thing yet, the first
two parts are on my blog (

I use this chord a few times throughout the movie
to add a feeling of mystery and suspense.

I like to call it “the spy chord” because it
invokes those mystery kind of feelings.
Ya know what I’m sayin?….

It’s amazing how music and sound adds so much
to movies and TV shows.

Anyway, the chord could technically be called an

Here it is:


Next week, I’ll be posting the exciting part 3
conclusion to the movie, and yes I’ll be
tossing in this chord one more time, lol…

Like I said last time, this whole Claustin Powers
madness was inspired by the Halloween season
and it’s a good chance to promote the soon-to-be-released
Ultimate Guitar Secrets Collection, which I’m giving
away for free…

I’ll let you know how to grab your copy… Just stay
dialed in to the emails baby…yeah…

ANYHOO… The minMaj7 family of chords happens to
be a fairly sophisticated thing that comes from jazz.

If you want to learn more groovy chords, please
check out some of our jazz courses… Or
if you’re not into jazz, we have lots of other goodies.
The complete list is below.

Check out your favorite and treat yourself to some
new guitar skillz today… Go for it!

I’ll be talkin to you soon…

Claude “Guitar Man” Johnson

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