Here’s where you can get it all + story from JD

Hi Friend,

Hope you had a killer weekend.

Soooo…. listen up my friend… the Guitar
Control compilation album
will be available on Tuesday.

I’ll put a link to the order page
from my blog.

So just head over to:

If you happen to be reading this
before Tuesday or before I get
a chance to upload it, feel
free to surf around my blog.

I’ve actually got over 100 posts
on it… from wacky sillyness to
video lessons, to tabs, etc…

It’s all good. Heck its more
than good… It’s your one stop shop
to GET IT ALL… 🙂

But back to the album:

I’m going to be hooking you up with
12 tunes from virtuosos like Silvio
Gazquez and Derryl Gabel, and wise
guitar masters like Stefan Grossman
and Jimmy Dillon… I’ll also throw
in some hard rocking heavyness from
Virtuwul and Dylan… And I will also
contribute at least 1 track personally! – something
from deep in my vault that I’ve never
shared before.

Hopefully I’ve been keeping you entertained
with the stories I’m sharing from all the
guitar slingers.

Here’s one more REAL QUICK one from Jimmy:


One the tunes you’ll get from yours truly
is called “Can’t Take it With You.”.

It’s kind of a spiritual message.

A while back, I heard a line from an
old blues tune that said “Why do we
work so hard to buy the things we don’t
even want?”

To me this seems in turns, both humorous
and also ironic, especially these days.

This was an inspiration to me for writing
this tune.

I think it speaks to the times we live in.

The truth is that this song always brings
me back to living in the moment. As someone
wise once said (I think it was Bob Dylan),
Yesterday’s dead and tomorrow is blind.

All the best, Jimmy D.


And there you have it folks.

I really hope you’ll absorb all the good vibes
and music we’re gonna be throwing at you
on Tuesday…

All for less than a buckaroo…

And it all goes to the red cross…

So get ready to jump on board!

I’m also curious to get some feedback
on my old recordings.

Rock on,

Claude Johnson

Some courses from other teachers:



Sol Philcox

Clay Moore

Stefan Grossman

Silvio Gazquez

Derryl Gabel

Jimmy Dillon

If you need any help with anything or want
to write us for any reason, just head over to

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