Improve on the guitar in the next 24 hours

Hey Friend,

Sometimes you don’t need “endless hours
of boring practice” to go to the next level.

Sometimes it just takes a new tool…
A new system… a new paradigm…
and BOOM: you’ve jumped to
the next level.

That happened to Joe Griffin…
Here’s what he just emailed me:

My names is Joe and I live in London,
I’m 16 and I’ve been playing guitar for
about 4 yrs now, and after using your
scale system for just over 1 day,

I already feel like a better musician.
The system has allowed me to learn
complete scales in all positions in
minimum amount of time.

I am enjoying every second. well done
there with the system and thanks
for such a great opportunity to help
me get better.

Thanks again,
Joe Griffin

You can NOT give me any dinero
for the Guitar Scale System – even
if you want to.


Because I INSIST that you try it
for 30 days first.

And only then — if you totally
freaking love it, can you give me
some moolah. So, what are you waiting
for? Go here now and start improving

You’re gonna love it: BIG TIME.

Keep improving,
Claude Johnson

P.S. I’m only letting people in on this
GSS 2.0 testing for the next few days.
I’m closing the doors next week.
So get inside before your left out in the cold:

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