How to Rock the Guitar (Video)

Hi Friend,

Howz your weekend?

Rockin I hope.

Let’s face it, everyone wants to rock!

Well, one of the simplest, easiest ways
to create a really rockin’ sound is by
using the “I IV” chord progression.

(you pronounce it ONE FOUR)

Them’s roman numerals son 😉

But you knew that probably.
Can’t fool you.


So today in my latest video, I’m gonna show you:

1. How to play the basic I-IV chord progression.

2. A no-nonsense rockin strum rhythm

3. How to spice up the I-IV with other chords

4. How to add blues licks in with your rhythm playing.

5. Some advanced arpeggio licks

I think you’ll enjoy it.


Have fun…

Your dedicated guitar instructor,

Claude Johnson

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