The Ultimate in Blues Guitar Course From The Expert


I’ve been on a blues guitar “kick” lately.

Yesterday, I was listening to B.B. King
on my ipod at the gym.

Before that, I just uploaded a blues jam
video to my blog. And last week I hooked
y’all up with TWO blues guitar lessons.

Why am I all about the blues lately?
You might say I’m reconnecting with my roots.

I’m really passionate about this style music!!

It was Jimi Hendrix’s deep “psychedelic voodoo”
blues that got me inspired as
a teenager to pick up the guitar.

I’d say that’s the ultimate in electric blues.

But just as exciting is what I consider
to be the ultimate in acoustic blues guitar.

And there’s really only one guy to learn it
from… The guy who I call “the best
blues guitar teacher on the planet”…

His name is Stefan Grossman.

As an instructor, it’s my job to bring you
the best information, so that’s why I’m
very excited and proud to be offering you
the exclusive “Ultimate Country Blues” course.

These blues guitar arrangements are amazing because
they feature basslines, chords, and melodies all
the same time.

And even more amazing is how easily you can learn
them (every note is tabbed out for you).

Now, if you already have this package, I want to
hear from you! Please send me an email telling
me how much you are enjoying learning some of
these killer arrangements.

Some of my favorites include “Mississippi Blues”,
“Weepin Willow”, and “Return to Little Rock”.

If you DON’T already have this package, and you’re
into the blues… MAN… JUST GET IT.

You won’t be dissapointed.

And if you are for some reason, just send it
back for a refund. That’s always an option
with me. I offer a no-BS 365-day refund policy
on all our stuff.

Even if you’re not planning to get it today,
at least check out the inspiring videos here:

Here’s the link again to find out more about
this incredible blues guitar package:

Keep playing the blues,

Claude Johnson

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