Last chance to get Chord Mastery for a buck



We’re having some mega-hot summer days
here in Philadelphia, PA…

Over 100 degrees yesterday! Man, I hope
you’re beating the heat and drinking
plenty of “H 2 0”.

Speaking of “mega-hot”, my sizzling
one-dollar-offer for the Chord Mastery ebooks
will be GONE faster than a frantic ferret.

Actually it disapears to-mor-row. So don’t
miss out!

If you’ve been putting it off, now
is the time to order. Here’s the link:

And again, if you already got it,
THANKS! – please let me know what
you think of it…

And also stay tuned because I’ll have
those Jimmy Dillon “Evolution of a Pro
Guitarist” videos inside the Guitar God
Club real soon.

Keep rockin… And stay tuned because
in my email this weekend, I’ll have a
“tasty rockin treat” for you.

Stay cool 🙂


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