Your next evolution as a guitarist

Hi Friend,

I’ve got an exciting announcement.

We’re adding a new website to the “Guitar God Club” and
it’s going to be called “Evolution of a Pro Guitarist”.

The “Guitar God Club” is a collection of websites that we
offer for one low monthly price and we already have 8 sites

Currently, we have lessons, software and jam tracks designed
to help your lead guitar playing and it’s all awesome…
However, this next site is going to be very different.

“Evolution of a Pro Guitarist” will contain a series of
videos from San Francisco session pro Jimmy Dillon.

This is a very unique video series as Jimmy shares
his insider secrets that he learned in over 4 decades of
trial and error, to go from a struggling amateur to a
successful pro guitar player.

It will be a nice mixture of entertainment, tips on
succeeding as a money-making musician, guitar tricks, wild
stories, musical widsom, and lessons.

If you’re already a member of the Guitar God club, you don’t
need to do anything special – just check back in a couple
days and you’ll see the new website available from the main menu.

If you’re not currently a member of the Guitar God club,
then this is the perfect time to join (or rejoin) because
you get 30 days free when you spend 1 tiny dollar to grab
our new e-book course called “Chord Mastery”.

This dollar dealio expires Friday, so take action now
while it’s hot in your mind.

And in case you haven’t seen the videos on what you’re
gonna learn – check out the blog:

Stay tuned as always… I have a tasty rockin surprise
for you this weekend.

Thanks, Claude

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